Kitten in the kitchen
Monday, July 8, 2019 at 11:44AM

Audrey does the honors

Current situation: kitten.

As in, when TG went outside to fire up the grill on the Fourth of July, he found a single tiny mewling kitten in the area between our deck and a door leading into the garage.

She'd been abandoned. We searched for hours for her mother and siblings. Not a whisker was to be found.

Rizzo had been eyeing an area between the deck boards, and growling, for a few days. A gray cat has been stalking around our yard for a couple of weeks.

I reasoned that these clues added up to a stray cat having produced a litter of kittens under our deck.

But if that's what happened, they're all long gone.

Is "my" kitten the runt of the litter? Probably.

Since that evening, before the fireworks began, she's been occupying Javier's old crate.

Dagny supplied her with a small stuffed toy. TG went to the store for kitten replacement formula.

Here's my dilemma: accept the fact that I'm now a cat owner, with all that that shocking idea implies, or find her a loving home amongst our friends and acquaintances, or pay for a no-kill shelter to accept her for adoption.

I am leaning toward no one of these solutions.

I have no idea what to do.

Perhaps someone can help me decide.

Cast your votes below. Keep? Give away? Be extorted by the local no-kill shelter?

Meanwhile, the kitten has a name. I use it frequently when bottle-feeding her.

It's Velvet.

And that is all for now.


Happy Monday

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