So far so good
Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 06:44PM

This weekend, TG and I will celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary.

Our children and grandchildren will be on hand to mark the occasion with us.

You know that we know how to do that! And that there will be pictures.

But first, Dagny will turn five. On Friday.

Everyone will be in the house for that too. There will be a pool party with pizza and popcorn and presents and -- no doubt -- a cake.

On Saturday, we're assembling at Andrew and Brittany's place for steaks and salad bar and various fixings and trimmings.

Plus more swimming and some reminiscing and, knowing us, another cake.

Sunday, in addition to being Father's Day, is our actual anniversary. All of our children will be in church with us.

Afterwards, we're thinking of going out for lunch -- plus more presents and additional reminiscing.

Who knows? Maybe even more cake.

And after that?

To quote Mary Hatch Bailey: After that ... who cares?


Happy Wednesday

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