About that pie recipe
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 12:44PM

I promised you the recipe for Blender Lemon Pie.

When I saw this recipe on a cooking blog, I knew right away it was going to be a favorite.

On account of, it takes less than five minutes to throw together. A trained monkey could do it.

Certainly a five-year-old could do it. In fact, I'm going to teach Dagny to make this soon, to prove that.

I guess lemon desserts are my favorite -- even over chocolate, depending on the day -- so in addition to how easy it was to make, that was one huge thing in its favor as far as I was concerned.

I mean, when you make your own Blender Lemon Pie (which I just know you will), you'll agree that although it's anything but a fancy dish -- it could even be described as rustic -- its beauty and tastiness is impressively out of proportion with how easy it is to prepare.

So here you go:




4 eggs

1/2 cup butter, melted

1 and 1/4 cups sugar

1 whole lemon, quartered and de-seeded

Splash of vanilla extract

1 prepared (or store-bought) pie crust

Powdered sugar and lemon slice for garnish


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Pat pie crust into pie plate and crimp the edges

Into your blender place eggs, melted butter, sugar, vanilla, and the entire lemon

Blend everything until smooth -- a few seconds is all it takes

Pour into crust and bake for about 45 minutes* or until reasonably "set"

(it will continue to set up while cooling)

Allow pie to cool thoroughly** before garnishing with powdered sugar and a lemon twist

*It took my pie about 55 minutes to get to the point where I felt it was just unset enough in the middle, to get all the way done while cooling. For the extra ten minutes, I placed a piece of foil over the top because the crust was exactly right after 45 minutes.

**I refrigerated my pie overnight.

I added the powdered sugar and lemon twist just before serving.


When I made the pie for Mother's Day, I forgot to take a picture of it. Apologies. I would have made another one just for this post, but then TG and I would have had to eat it and we don't have dessert except on special occasions.

No; I couldn't think of anyone to whom I'd give an entire pie. 

TG mentioned that this reminded him of lemon bars; it's basically a simple custard, but the lemon zing is very prevalent. It's nice and tart and plenty sweet.

Let me know if you make a Blender Lemon Pie!

Also I think it'd be fun to make it with limes (I'd probably use two), and to slather whipped cream all over the top. When I do that, I'll take a picture for you.

And that is all for now.


Happy Tuesday

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