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Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 10:44PM

Easter Sunday 2019

Mercy. I am so very dilatory in telling you about our latest round(s) of pawtying.*

Before I can tell about Mother's Day -- which was a prodigious occasion in every way -- we've got to back up a few weeks, to Easter.

I thought I had told you about Easter, and shown you too. 

But I was wrong.

So here goes.

I remember making a spiral-cut ham that we bought at Costco. Also deviled eggs. Someone brought macaroni and cheese.

I'm having trouble recalling anything else about that day, except that as usual for a Sunday, we all went to church.

After morning services we pressganged a friend into taking family pictures with Brittany's phone.

My girls and I again wore black, as per usual. Erica spiced up her ensemble with white, and she and I both wore cobalt-blue suede shoes. We didn't plan it.

Easter Sunday 2019

Make of that what you will; just stay off of them. The shoes, that is.

Back at home, my table was decorated with an assortment of bunnies. 

Although I know that Easter celebrates the resurrection of our Lord, it's still fun to put bunnies all around.

Audrey had found Peter Rabbit napkins which thrilled Dagny, who loves having Beatrix Potter read to her.

Have you had Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels yet?

They're to be found at Costco.

Don't even finish this post. Go directly to your nearest Costco -- even if it's three counties (or three states) away -- and buy some of these.

If you don't have a Costco account, get one. Or use a friend's.

Then buy some of these.

Trust me; you need this candy in your life.

Shortly after Easter 2019 passed into history, TG and I went to Nashville. I know I've told you about that. Remember the sheep?

We came home and then, in two shakes of a lamb's tail, it was Mother's Day. Once again we all went to church together.

Easter Sunday 2019

But alas, no après-worship pictures were taken; we were anxious to get home and enjoy another glorious repast.

This time it was my homemade extra-rustic chicken salad served on Costco-sized croissants, deviled eggs, a fabulous fruit salad put together by the girls, Lay's lightly salted potato chips (TG's favorite), assorted soft drinks, and coffee.

To finish us off we had two desserts: homemade Lemon Blender Pie (I will give you that recipe within the week because trust me, you need it as much as you need that caramel candy) and strawberry-cream-cheese stuffed-croissant French toast.

You read that correctly. At Audrey's behest (she found the recipe) I made a filling of cream cheese, diced strawberries, confectioners sugar, and lemon zest. I stuffed those huge croissants with the filling, dipped them in a wash of eggs and heavy cream seasoned with cinnamon and a dash of salt, and grilled them in a skillet of sizzling butter.

Hallelujah. You'll be wanting to try that.

Then there were the gifts.

I'd already received presents on Friday from my own mother and sister, when Audrey and Dagny and I drove to the upstate to have lunch with them.

I was given several soap items -- foaming hand soaps as well as scented luxury bar soaps -- this year. I can't get enough scented soap; I am pretty much a soap freak.

On Saturday morning there was a box of gorgeous roses on my doorstep, sent by Chad and Erica.

On Sunday I received more roses from Andrew and Brittany. I also got a beautiful bracelet, a jar for making cold brew coffee, an antique-look hummingbird feeder, a Kate Spade pencil pouch, and a lovely coffee mug.

I made my first batch of cold brew coffee today. Mixed with heavy cream, it tastes like chocolate milk.

I'm in trouble. I'll probably never sleep again.

The antique-look hummingbird feeder is hanging outside the kitchen window, brimming with nectar. No takers yet.

Next scheduled pawty? Memorial Day, when we have our annual patriotic start-of-summer cookout/swimming bash, on which day we also celebrate our Erica's birthday.

After that? Let's see ...

Oh! Two weeks later it's Dagny's fifth birthday, Father's Day, and TG's and my fortieth wedding anniversary all in the same three-day time frame.

And yes; everyone will be on hand for the whole shooting match.

Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be a bumpy night.

There will be cake crumbs. And more pictures. And more presents. And much merrymaking.

Meanwhile, we are having the sort of weather you dream of. A high today of seventy-five, with low humidity and balmy breezes.

If you stop by and I don't answer the bell, it's because Rizzo and I are gone for walkies.

Easter Sunday 2019

But we'll be back shortly, so have a seat on the front porch until we come into view.

And that is all for now.

*"pawty" is a term coined by my friend Cheryl to describe we Webers' penchant for near-constant elaborate celebrations of anything and anyone we can think of, haaaha.


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