Poe me some more
Friday, March 22, 2019 at 10:44AM

When I returned home from Baltimore, in a fit of renewed fangirl fanaticism I ordered a Poe mug and Poe-ka-Dot socks that had been on my Amazon wish list since last fall.

I had put them there to give the family inexpensive gift ideas. They bought me even nicer stuff instead.

But I had rewards credits to spend, so I got the socks and the mug and have been enjoying both more than I should.

The coffee is a given in any weather but it's been right chilly here, and I've needed those socks.

Would you look at that whorl of steam I captured (not by any talent I possess, but still) with my phone, as the freshly perked coffee went into that mug?

Sometimes I have to stop and marvel.

Speaking of marveling, there is the beauty of my two younger daughters to gaze upon each Sunday, when we're all at church together.

This past Sunday, we were all wearing black. Like a congress of ravens. Did you know that if we were actual ravens and had bad intentions, we'd be called an unkindness of ravens? Or a conspiracy of ravens? It's the raven equivalent to a murder of crows. 

Now I should throw in here, I wear black ninety-five percent of the time. It's my favorite color. Ravenesque.

My girls wear it a lot too so it's not really unusual to see all of us wearing black at the same time. We consider it fashionable rather than funereal.

(In this case, I had chosen a skirt that was brown with a flocked black velvet pattern, so I wasn't totally blacked out. The necessary pop of color was added by my handbag, which was mustard yellow.)

But in a wrinkle that's almost unheard of on any particular day, Audrey and Erica were wearing identical sweaters.

Back to those Christmas wish lists. Audrey had this black crushed-velvet sweater on hers last year.

So naturally, Erica bought it for her. But unlike me, who left it to the fates as to whether I'd receive the Poe mug and Poe-ka-Dot socks, Audrey wasn't willing to risk not getting that sweater.

She bought it for herself. To wear during the Christmas season.

Erica, when she learned of the situation, did what any girl would do: she hung the superfluous sweater in her own closet.

And they forgot to text one another on Sunday, to determine whether the coast was clear to wear it without twinning.

But I thought it was utterly charming -- they say twinning is winning -- so we pressed Brittany into service, to take these pictures of us together.

It's fitting that I show them to you today, because today is Audrey's birthday.

We will be celebrating her all day, and having a party tonight, and another party next Tuesday to further honor her and also Andrew, whose birthday is one week from today.

My spring babies! Three of my four came in spring and I think that's the loveliest time to have a baby.

So I think I'll Poe another cup and think about that some more, before getting busy.

And that is all for now.


Happy Weekend :: Happy Spring

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