Marching on with Dagny
Friday, March 1, 2019 at 08:44PM

Did it come in like a lion?

I spent the last four hours of February and the first fourteen hours of March with Dagny.

Due to her mother's work schedule, Dagny has a sleepover with us practically every other Thursday. We all look forward to it and I leave that Friday morning open for anything Dagny wants to do.

After my coffee hour, that is.

All four of my grandchildren have had to adjust to the fact that when they stay the night with me, until I've had my coffee the next morning -- two mugsful, consumed at my leisure -- nothing much else will be happening at Casa Weber.

They don't like it -- I can tell -- but I don't feel sorry for them. I advise them to deal with it because that's life.

So Dagny busied herself this morning playing with Rizzo and with her toys, checking anxiously every so often to see how much coffee remained in my cup.

You're not going to rush me, I said at about ten o'clock. She was up until midnight the night before, and had nothing to complain about.

She creased her brow but did not reply. I didn't see much of her for the next fifteen minutes, although she was nearby in the next room.

After coffee, it's our habit to get dressed and ready for the day. This morning, Dagny took the initiative and outfitted herself with clothing she found in her suitcase.

(She gets all the tags and directions correct, and when she's finished, she looks as though an adult has dressed her. Sometimes a clash-prone adult, but an adult nonetheless.)

We brushed teeth and hair and made sure everything was seen to grooming-wise, before embarking on our first adventure.

Time for slime ... but first, a portrait

Which involved repairing to the kitchen to make slime. But first, I posed Dagny on the porch and took her picture. She will be five -- or is that twenty-five? -- on her birthday in June.

Now, slime-wise, this wasn't our maiden voyage. We experimented with it -- and also with making oobleck -- a few weeks ago.

Dagny has been watching slime videos on YouTube for some time. Even so, she had never come right out and asked me to make slime for her or with her.

I'm pretty sure she thought that only very special people with unique YouTubey talents could even do anything like that.

But I isolated what I consider to be the easiest slime recipe out there, and TG and I secured the ingredients on a recent trip to the Retailer Which Shall Not Be Named.

When I told Dagny -- this was a couple of weeks ago -- that we would be making slime that day, she fairly shrieked with joy and anticipation.

After scraping her off the ceiling, I set about assembling on the countertop all the things we'd need. 

I'm embarrassed to admit that I was a trifle nervous, that first time. What if my slime didn't slime up like it was supposed to? What if it didn't step up to the plate? 

What if I botched it somehow? I'd only ever seen a video of it being made; I'd never attempted to make a batch in real time.

I needn't have worried; falling off a log from a supine position takes considerably more savvy than whipping up a stretchy, gooey, glitter-studded blob of pastel-colored slime.

Foolproof slime recipe

First you measure out six ounces of Elmer's School Glue. Don't use any other kind.

Measure out one-half teaspoon of baking soda.

Next, toss in one and one-half tablespoons of saline solution.

You could start stirring at that point and technically you'd have slime, but what would be the fun in that?

So you grab your food coloring and decide what color you want your slime to be.

Yellow? Add yellow. Orange? Add yellow and red. Pink? Just red. Purple? Red and blue. Green? Blue and yellow.

You get the idea.

Then, just before you mix, throw in as much glitter as you dare.

Start stirring. Once you've got the whole thing semi-incorporated, pump in about two or so cups of shaving cream (not the gel kind). Don't measure; just eyeball it.

(The addition of this sweet-smelling ingredient makes your slime officially fluffy-grade. And once you've had fluffy slime, you won't be interested in non-fluffy slime. Trust me.)

Mix, stir, mix, stir ... then ditch whatever you're stirring with and work everything together with your hands, being sure to scrape all of the shaving cream off the sides of the bowl.

Voilà! You have made slime.

Dagny and I made pink first today, and then, in honor of March, we made green.

I love making slime. Not only is the end result fascinating and fun to play with, but it's easy and delightful to make, and takes only a few minutes, and I'm pretty sure you'd have to be a real dolt to mess it up.

Pipe cleaner people and more

After Dagny and I made slime, we had a project involving pipe cleaners.

We made pipe cleaner glasses. Well -- frames. No lenses were involved.

We made a pipe cleaner person in silver -- with an oversized silver head, no neck, no hands, and no feet.

He was an abstract. And yes; he was a he. We don't do genderless at our house.

Then we made pipe cleaner numbers, one through ten (well, zero).

After that, it was time for a bite of lunch and before that was concluded, Audrey walked through the door.

It was a rainy morning (make that a rainy day, followed by what is now a rainy night), and I'm not sure I could have spent it in a more enjoyable manner.

Or in the company of a more precious little partner in crime slime.

And that is all for now.


Happy Weekend :: Happy March

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