Flame throwers
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 09:44AM

I took the clear acrylic bird feeder down from my kitchen window.

The squirrels were cute for awhile, snacking up there at eye level, but I got tired of looking at the sunflower seeds that fell between the feeder and the window, which looked sloppy.

News flash: squirrels aren't neat eaters. Besides, it was never my intention to feed the squirrels.

So now the bird feeder sits, gleaming, on the kitchen desk, waiting to be installed on another window.

I haven't decided yet which window it will be. Since we know that no birds are likely to come and dine, I'm hoping to find a window that the squirrels can't get to.

Maybe a good place would be one of the large windows that make up the sun room itself. Can squirrels climb glass? I guess we'll find out.

Meanwhile, cardinals, chickadees, and Carolina wrens have begun coming to the deck, to peck at the small seeds that remained when the squirrels were done hogging all of the peanut halves and sunflower seeds.

These aren't great pictures but bear in mind, I was sitting in my chair on the far side of the sun room, shooting these with a long lens through a glass door.

Rizzo may have been bumping my elbow too. So there's that.

There are cardinals in my yard every day; they seem to like it around here.

So I threw what little was left of my stash of birdseed, down on the deck for them to enjoy.

And the deck is decorated pretty much nonstop with birds having a good time. I love that.

The cardinals look like little fire engines out there. Oh but wait ... here comes a squirrel.

And that is all for now.


Happy Wednesday

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