A walk on the wild side
Monday, January 14, 2019 at 02:44PM

Last Friday, TG took Dagny to Riverbanks Zoo.

Someone had given him two free passes. I was more interested in a quiet afternoon at home than I was in seeing the animals, so I lent TG my Nikon and bade them go and have a good time.

(Although my beloved took all but one of these photos, and a total stranger took the one he didn't take, they were taken with my camera. Plus I cropped and edited them all. Hence my customary logo appears on these excellent shots.)

And they did. Dagny, a child with the energy of half a dozen children of equal or lesser size, bounded from one exhibit to the next so quickly that, within an hour, she declared the adventure concluded and said she wanted to go home.

But TG said no, we're staying here. It was a beautiful, sunny -- albeit chilly -- day, and there was still lots to see.

He slowed it down a bit by making Dag pose for various pictures with sculptures and the animals themselves.

He bought her a meal of chicken nuggets, which went over (and down) pretty well.

A nice passer-by took a picture of Dagny and Papaw together, with a bronze elephant as a prop. A thoughtful gorilla provided additional comic relief.

When it was time to take a ride on the Spots and Stripes Railroad, Dagny chose the peacock car. Because why not.

In the category of gaudy exotic birds, Dagny marveled at the flamingos, who turn pink because they eat brine shrimp.

The giraffes were of particular interest.

One gorgeous example of the tallest living terrestrial animals seemed to have something to say. Like, you talkin' to me?

Dagny especially enjoyed watching the bright parrots and communing with some large, friendly goats.

My favorite picture may be the one where Dagny is standing on top of a rock flanked by matching signs that stipulate, politely:


Mmmmmkay. I'm pretty sure she had to climb in order to get up there.

Way to go wild at the zoo, Dag.

And that is all for now.


Happy Monday

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