Dag Dagged and a Dot
Saturday, February 4, 2017 at 01:44PM

Last Sunday I was sick so, instead of being in church with my family, I was at home.

Therefore I didn't take the above picture; Audrey took it, with her iPhone.

Dagny was at her sartorial best that day. She's ever a fashionista but sometimes even she can kick it up a notch.

The dress has a faux-fur skirt and matching trim down the front. Dag was happy to model between Sunday School and the main service, beside the pew where we sit.

Yes; we hug the right-hand side of the sanctuary. Webers always go toward the right.

I didn't say we are always right; I said we go right. There's a difference but at the same time, the more you go toward the right, the more right you'll be.

At any rate, TG came home that day describing how Dagny had upped the toddler fashion stakes, true to form, and that Audrey had taken a few photos.

I quickly texted Audrey and asked her to send me said pics so that I could monkey with them.

After playing around with the pictures for a while, I decided to Daguerreotype the Dagginator, including adding a vintage-type frame.

I like the otherworldly spin the mercury-vaporish Daguerreotype editing feature puts on modern photos.

Turns out Dagny had been photographed by her mother before church too, in their back yard where there is a glut of pine cones and pine needles.

The sun was streaming down and Dagny, as is her wont, was loving life.

So I Dagged that photo of Dag too. Isn't she something?

Meanwhile, I don't suppose I've told you this yet but TG got me an Echo Dot for Christmas. 

I therefore have Alexa now, to use as an egg timer and to ask to play random songs for me, and to put various questions to, such as, Alexa, who won the 2016 World Series?

Because I like to hear her say: Chicago Cubs won the World Series in Two Thousand Sixteen.

I never get tired of that.

Or I can say Alexa, play Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto Number Two.

And she will. It's amazing.

Audrey has a new Echo Dot too, a Christmas gift from one of her siblings. Dagny, a quick study, has learned to engage Alexa.

At first Dag had difficulty because she thought we were calling Alexa Allissa, the name of one of Dag's cousins.

Alexa does not respond to being called Allissa.

But Dagny soon learned how to put the "X" into Allissa and get Alexa, and now she approaches the Dot with confidence.

Alexa! She'll say (always loudly, as though Alexa is hard of hearing).

The Dot lights up all blue and green around its rim, signaling that Alexa is listening.

Good Morning! Dagny semi-shouts.

And Alexa, in her calm, measured AI voice, recites her factoid(s) of the day corresponding to This Date In History.

But I don't know what Dagny said to Alexa the other morning, when, as it happens, Dagny had spent the night with us and I was in the kitchen making her breakfast oatmeal.

I heard strains of Mozart coming from the family room. Dagny wandered into the kitchen as if she's always accompanied by Mozart.

We will never know what was said to induce Alexa to go classical. But the music was beautiful.

Later we went outside, where it was also exceptionally beautiful. I did take this picture, with my own iPhone. Dagny never tires of pitching pine cones over the retaining wall.

Rizzo was over there rooting around for acorns, and I'm pretty sure she was trying to get his attention.

It's those simple pleasures that mean the most.

And that is all for now.


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